Healthy Eating Habits In The UAE: A Culinary Journey


UAE is home to some of the most delicious and nutritious food in the world. Unlike Western eating habits, the Arabs are more centered on focusing on healthy culinary habits. If you have ever paid a visit to the UAE, you must’ve noticed that most Arabic dishes contain more vegetables and meats, skipping unnecessary fats and calories.

The rich culture and traditions of Arabia are highlighted in their cuisine. Their menus are served with more protein-rich and calorie-controlled foods than other places in the world. If you’re a health-conscious individual who is looking to incorporate healthier foods in your life, Middle Eastern dishes are your go-to food partner. In this blog, we will look into some of the most healthy and balanced UAE cuisine that can help in progressing towards a healthier life.

How Does Having A Healthy Diet Improve The Quality Of Your Life?

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most integral parts of achieving a better quality of life. It provides essential nutrients that boost energy levels, support bodily functions, and help maintain a healthy weight. A well-balanced diet also helps in reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, like heart disease and diabetes, leading to a longer life.

Middle Eastern Cuisine, enriched with various nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbs, and minerals, is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Moreover, their traditional cooking style of baking and grilling makes them a healthier option as compared to others. They also feature vegetables, grains, beans, and lean proteins, which make the food both delicious and calorie-friendly.

Traditional Healthy Emirati Dishes

1- Hummus

Hummus is a versatile UAE cuisine that is found and enjoyed throughout the Gulf region. This bean-based dip is perfect for snacking with tortillas, corn snacks, and more.

Hummus is primarily made from chickpeas. Packed with fiber, this dip surely keeps each food enthusiast satisfied for extended periods. It helps curb post-meal cravings by reducing the unexpected urges for less healthy snacks. Moreover, it also contains vital vitamins and minerals like manganese, copper, folate, and iron. With such an impressive nutrient profile, it helps ease inflammation, promotes heart health, and supports blood sugar management.

2- Labneh

Labneh is a classic Middle Eastern cuisine from Lebanon. Created from rich cow’s milk, it is a super creamy delight that surely is meant to leave you delighted. It is made with a perfect fusion of the thickness of Greek yogurt and the rich, airy cheese. What sets Labneh apart from other cream cheese is its probiotic nature. Filled with essential nutrients like proteins and healthy fats, it greatly offers support to digestive health. It also aids in weight management, metabolic function, and blood sugar control.

3- Baked Falafel

How can we miss Falafel when talking about traditional Emirati dishes! Falafel is a local street food delicacy and is typically served alongside pita bread or as part of a fresh salad. These airy chickpea fritters are packed with protein and fiber, which provide essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, and Vitamin B to your body.

Falafel is typically a deep-fried delicacy, but you can always opt for a healthier baked version. This nutritionally dense dish is quite fulfilling and can keep your hunger at bay for a longer period of time.

4- Fattoush Salad

Fattoush Salad is a Lebanony-originated dish that is found frequently in the Mediterranean diet. This Arabic salad boasts a mix of fruity, citrusy, and herbal flavors. It comprises tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, and capsicum, which is enhanced by a sweet drizzle of pomegranate molasses.

With such a wide variety of vegetables and healthy dressing, this zesty salad contains many nutrients, especially fiber, which helps lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels.

5- Kebab With Rice

Middle Eastern cuisine stands out as one of the most protein-rich culinary traditions due to its frequent use of lean meats. The Emirati kebabs are created with minced meat that undergoes marination of different spices and grilled to perfection over a charcoal fire.

These kebabs not only make your taste buds explode with rich flavors but also offer a calorie-conscious diet option. They pair wonderfully with a small serving of aromatic Afghani rice or simple brown rice.

6- Fish Or Shrimp Stew

Another most celebrated UAE cuisine is flavored fish and shrimp stews and curries. Fish or shrimp cuisine is prepared by simmering the sea foods in tomato sauce infused with Gulf spice, which makes a delectable curry that’s often served with rice or flatbread. With a great abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, this dish is not only tasty but also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and certain types of diabetes.

Balancing Physical Activities With Healthy Diet

Balancing physical activities with a healthy diet is important for overall well-being. Nourishing our bodies is important, but it is only one part of the equation. Indulging in regular physical activity complements your diet by maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening muscles, and boosting mental well-being.

An inactive lifestyle can lead to various health issues, including obesity, heart disease, and mental health challenges. Therefore, engaging in physical activities not only burns calories but also enhances our mood and reduces stress.

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