The Importance Of Corporate Wellness Programs In The UAE

The success of an organization depends on various elements but, most importantly, on its employee’s health.

A recent survey conducted by Rand and the US Department of Health and Human Services showed that about 80% of businesses with more than 50 employees are incorporating workplace wellness programs. Now, in the UAE, wellness programs have become a new trend to improve the well-being of employees and build a better work culture for them.

In this blog, we will discuss corporate wellness programs and how they are important for your business.

Understanding Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate or workplace wellness programs are a set of plans and strategies practiced in corporate environments to ensure the well-being of the physical and mental health of an employee. An employee is given the leverage to choose different activities and policies to make sure that their employees are offered healthy lifestyle choices. The well-being of employees is of vital importance as it directly impacts the success rate of a business.

What Are Wellness Program Strategies?

Wellness strategies are specially curated plans by an employer that help employees at the individual level understand and meet their well-being. These strategies support mental health and physical wellness to ensure that each employee is in good shape and able to take the complete responsibilities of their operation. Wellness strategies often come along with overarching business strategies that involve retention, performance, and engagement of employees.

There are several reasons why a workplace wellness program is crucial for employees. Let’s take a look at them.

Importance Of Workplace Wellness Programs

A well-structured plan offers numerous employee benefits. These plans are specifically important when it comes to retaining qualified employees in your team. Moreover, offering a wellness program in a corporate environment leaves a positive impact on the overall organization’s infrastructure. The following reasons highlight the importance of why your organization should consider these initiatives.

Promotes Employee Health

As an employer or an employee, you must be well aware of the fact that a good employee’s health has a positive impact on their productivity levels. Therefore, it is necessary to routinely conduct in-house health checkups, as they can help assess the essential health measures. These measures can guide employees on what necessary lifestyle changes are required to boost their health and, ultimately, productivity. Embracing a healthy lifestyle with healthier behaviors, whether concerned with consuming or performing, reduces the risk of various potential health issues.

However, just having routine checkups is not enough. It is advised to incorporate physical health programs like martial arts to facilitate their better physical well-being. These sessions teach employees how to manage their weight and strength, especially during extended periods of sitting at work.

You can achieve this by either calling a reliable martial arts trainer in-house or establishing a special space dedicated to the physical health of an employee. Having a dedicated space and training session can spark their interest and allow them to indulge in a healthy activity for a break. As an alternative, you can also introduce special gift cards or discounted vouchers from a reliable training institute to your dedicated employees. Not only does it promote a generous gesture, but it also allows your employees to take part in such healthy behaviors.

Decreases Absenteeism

Many studies have assessed how workplace wellness programs can effectively reduce absenteeism. Campaigns and different healthcare-related strategies promote positive health behaviors. These campaigns also incorporate mental health awareness programs and activities that support mental health to reduce the concentration of stress in employees. Opting for healthier lifestyles serves as a preventive measure against potential health issues, which ultimately reduce absenteeism.

Fosters Productivity

Healthy behaviors are linked to reduced absenteeism rates, resulting in heightened productivity. Maintaining good health and regular attendance at work facilitate goal-focused efforts and streamline their achievement. Investing in wellness programs for healthcare is more cost-effective than having employees physically present but mentally absent. When employees are dealing with issues like depression, stress, physical health conditions, or illness, they tend to make more mistakes, impacting their performance negatively.

Impacts Finances

One of the greatest perks of incorporating corporate wellness programs into your workplace is that it can generate more profit. But how? By keeping employees’ mental and physical health a priority, you can increase their productivity levels, reduce absenteeism, and motivate them towards their operations, which automatically means a workforce dedicated to bringing great profit to a business.

However, this can only be possible if you invest in the right wellness program and institute that can not only bring you value for money but multiply your investment.

How Does Activolution sports academy Help In Curating The Perfect Workplace Wellness Program?

Activolution sports academy is a renowned martial arts fitness academy that offers comprehensive martial arts training programs. Our martial training programs, including Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo, promote both physical and mental well-being among employees.

Through regular practice, employees can improve their physical fitness, gaining strength and flexibility while learning self-defense techniques. Importantly, martial arts training encourages discipline and stress management, helping employees cope with the demands of the workplace more effectively. Incorporating these martial arts programs into a workplace wellness program can create a more balanced and healthier workforce.

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